Monday, May 28, 2007

Hot wings on the grill

we love hot wings, but the heat of the oven is too much in the summer so today I tried a different take on hot wings and put them on the grill. First I marinated 5 pounds of wing sections in
1/2 c. Louisianna Hot Sauce
2 T olive oil
1-2 T soy sauce
dash garlic powder, onion powder
1 capful smoke seasoning
dash kosher salt

pre-heated the grill to 350.
turn wings 1/2 way through cooking, cook until internal temperature hits 165.

1/2 c. louisianna hot sauce
3 T butter, melted but not broken
mix and drizzle over wings

serve with salad and a cool creamy dressing (try my creamy caesar dressing)

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