Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kendo Kookies

Kendo Kookies by William

I practice Kendo, a Japanese sword art, and I need to raise money for lessons and tournaments. My goal is $200. Please help me by enjoying homemade cookies made by me.

Type of cookie price qty total

1. no-bake chocolate chip oatmeal (6) $1 ___ ___

2. chocolate chip (4) $1 ___ ___

3. peanut butter oatmeal (4) $1 ___ ___

*grand total ____

ingredient list:

no-bake; oatmeal, sugar, cocoa, milk, butter, vanilla, salt

chocolate chip; flour, dark, milk and white chocolate chips, butter, sugar, brown sugar, egg, vanilla extract, baking powder, baking soda, salt

peanut butter oatmeal

whole wheat and all purpose flour, brown sugar, natural chunky peanut butter, dry milk powder, old fashioned rolled oats, butter, egg, vanilla, baking soda.

* I take cash, checks (payable to William Thornton-Leonard) and paypal!

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JustJane said...

How old was that sweet little man in this picture? How cute!