Monday, July 23, 2007

Healthy Sport Drink

This recipe came about during a recent Kendo summer camp in Atlanta when our youngest son ran out of Gatorade (TM)and asked me to buy more for the following day. I was at Whole Foods in Atlanta (on Ponce) and could only find electrolyte water and some sport drink called Refresh (TM). The next day he announced he greatly prefered the juice drink (Refresh) and when I read the ingredients I came up with this.

1000 ml water
1000 ml 100% white grape or other condentrate reconstituted at 1:4 ratio
1000 ml hibiscus tea (we use Lemon or Raspberry Zinger 3-4 tea bags steeped in approx 2 liters of water)
1 teaspoon sea salt

combine and chill. Makes 3 liters of sport drink. *note this is not an electrolyte product, but a tasty was to hydrate*
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